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How To Block Someone On Cash App?: Unblock A Cash App User

How to block someone on Cash App? It is one of the most repeatedly asked questions over the internet, not only for the Cash App but also for all other payment applications and social media apps where a user needs to block someone under the circumstance. 

If you want to block someone on Cash App, you’ll have to go to their profile page, click the three dots right next to their names, and click “Block.” However, If you decide to change your mind and want to unblock someone using the Cash App, you can do this anytime, depending on your wish, by adhering to the simple steps.

This post will guide you on “how do you block someone on Cash App” and stop them from sending money-related requests. We will also explain how to unblock someone on Cash App if you change your preferences.

Cash App is a money transfer app that lets users send and receive money to and from family, relatives, and close contacts. Cash App is renowned for its speedy and secure transfer of funds, and its security features use encrypted servers, making users safer.

It is popular with small business owners and for personal use. Cash App has many beautiful features that you can’t help using the same. If you plan to host a gathering with your family or friends, then the Cash App would be the best payment option. You can transfer instant cash into the eatery and you also do not need to carry cash around if you are using the Cash App application.

The Cash App also offers a free Cash Card. It’s like a debit card, and it is possible to use this card to withdraw cash from any ATM that accepts Visa.

These days, trading for Bitcoin and the stock market is growing. Cash App allows you the ability to trade on the app. You do not need a separate app to sign up for a trading account, and one app can do the transfer of money and trading for you. Cash App frequently gives cashback deals on trading you conduct.

But the question here is, Why block someone on Cash App?

It is because sometimes you might be receiving unsolicited and frequent money requests from people you may not know. Family members or friends send you money-related requests repeatedly, and you would like to block these requests to avoid receiving the same time and again.

Keep reading this post until the end to learn more on ‘Can you block someone on Cash App.’

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Can you block someone on Cash App?

block someone on cash app

Of Course, You can block someone on Cash App and and when needed. At the same time, you can also unblock the Cash App users whenever your mind changes.

We will explain why you (or anyone else) would block someone on Cash App.

Cash App is a payment system, so security should be your top priority. It is better to block users who pose potential threats on Cash App, and you can also block any unknown person repeatedly requesting money from you.

You can also block users on Cash App for hiding your Cash App account from others. Supposing you do not want to do any transaction on Cash App with your friends, family, and close contacts. In this case, you can block them. Once you block them, they will not be able to see your Cash App profile.

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How do you block someone on Cash App?

block someone on cash app

There are two ways to block and prevent users from making transactions on Cash App. Now We will explain these options one by one in this section.

There are two ways to block a Cash App user:

Block The Cash App Users Through The Activity Tab

You can block someone on Cash App if you have a previous transaction or money request from them. These steps will allow you to block someone on Cash App.

  • Open the Cash App.
  • Click the Activity tab at the bottom of the Cash App home screen
  • Scroll down and choose the money request or transaction that the user made.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner to open the menu.  
  • Select Block this Person.
  • Tap Block for confirmation.’

Blocking Someone On Cash App Using The User’s Profile Or $Cashtag

You can access the profile of a Cash App user by entering their custom URL if you have the $Cashtag. The profile URL of a Cash App user is in this format$their_cashtag.

Block someone’s profile by using their $cashtag/QR Code.

  • Firstly, open the profile URL of the Cash App user of the format$their_cashtag or scan the user’s QR code from Cash App.
  • Click the menu option at the top right.
  • Select Block to stop future and pending payments from the user.

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Can You Unblock Any User on Cash App?

block someone on cash app

Yes, Once you change your mind, you can unblock anyone on Cash App. To unblock a Cash App user, Go to “Activity” and select the “Transaction” you want to unblock. Select the three dots in the upper right corner, and click the “Unblock option.

The procedure for unblocking a Cash App user is straightforward and nearly the same as blocking someone. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner to display a list of your activities. Press “Unblock” twice to confirm the action.

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How to Unblock Someone On Cash App?

block someone on cash app

Follow the below-mentioned steps to unblock a Cash App user from your account.

1)Open Cash App on your Device.
2)Then, go to the Profile section.
3)Move towards the transaction history.
4)Choose the person you wish to unblock.
5)From here, you will get the option of unblocking a user.
6)Select the option to unblock.

Once you have unblocked the person on Cash App, you’ll find it in your contacts list and can begin sending payment requests and money to each other. 

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How Will A User Know If I Have Blocked Him?

The Cash App doesn’t notify the person concerned when you unblock or block someone. However, it hides your profile and prevents them from making any transactions.

The blocked user will not be able to see any results relevant to your profile or $Cashtag if he searches it, which assumes that your account isn’t available.

But, there are ways one can find out if someone has blocked him. If the user becomes available by searching from a new or someone else account, then it means that the user has blocked you.


How do I turn off money requests on Cash App?

If you continue to get too many money requests from unidentified people and can’t block them all at a time, Cash App has a solution here. Cash App allows you to control who can send money requests.

These steps will allow you to modify or turn off money request settings.

  1. Open the Cash App.
  2. Click the profile tab at the top of the home screen.
  3. Select Privacy & Security.
  4. Scroll down to the Incoming requests and turn the toggle on or off to enable or disable requests.
  5. If Enabled, choose whether you want to receive requests from everyone (or only your contacts) using the below options.

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What Happens When You Block Someone On Cash App?

block someone on cash app

What happens when you block someone on Cash App? After you have blocked someone, Cash App will take you back to your history page. Any transactions or requests made by the blocked person will vanish.

No more money requests will be received from this blocked person, and you also can’t send money or requests to him.

A block on the Cash Application will disable another person from accessing your account profile.

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The Cash App can be an excellent option for traditional banking, offering users a safe transaction environment. It is a legit application. 

However, there are times when we need to know the best way to block someone on Cash App.

If you carefully review this article, you will learn how to block/unblock someone using Cash App. We have also discussed how to change money request settings to avoid receiving unwanted frequent money requests from unidentified or unknown persons.Feel free to contact us anytime 24/7 for any other further queries or clarification


block someone on cash app

Can I Receive My Money Back On Cash App If I Block Someone?

You will not receive your money back if you block someone on Cash App But, blocking someone would stop all pending payments and future transactions.

How To Disable Incoming Requests On Cash App?

By changing the preferences for receiving requests from Profile Tab > Privacy & security, you can disable incoming money requests on Cash App. 

What Happens When I Block Someone On Cash App?

Blocking someone will prevent them from seeing your profile, making money requests, and making transactions.

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