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Can You Buy Dogecoin On Cash App?: Know The Facts

Can you buy Dogecoin on Cash App? Unfortunately, there is no direct way to purchase Dogecoin on Cash App, but there is still a workaround. Cash App offers a smartphone-based money transfer service with many options. The features include money transfers as well as investing in stocks and cryptocurrency.

The only cryptocurrency that is listed on the Cash App is Bitcoin. All you need to do is launch the Cash App, click the Bitcoin tab, then Buy Bitcoin > Enter the amount, and then enter your PIN to confirm. Please be aware that in addition to Bitcoin, it is not possible to purchase another cryptocurrency like Dogecoin using the Cash App directly as of now.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created by software developers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. They devised an electronic payment system for a “joke,” making fun of the wild speculation happening in cryptocurrency in that era.

It is often regarded as the original “meme coin” Although it is satirical, some believe it is a legitimate investment opportunity. Dogecoin is a representation of the Shiba Inu dog of the “doge” meme as its logo and as its name. It was first introduced on December 6, 2013, and swiftly established its online community with a market capitalization of $85 billion on May 5, 2021. 

Dogecoin can be described as a peer-to-peer open-source digital currency favored by Shiba Inus worldwide. It was initially used as a joke and had no value; however, it is nowadays valued higher than Western Union or Under Armour. You can purchase Dogecoin and sell it on digital exchanges, and customers can keep their Dogecoin in exchanges or their Dogecoin wallet.

Dogecoin has a bright outlook ahead that people like Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors, Snoop Dog, and many more endorsed it.

Although you can’t buy Dogecoin on Cash App directly, you can purchase Dogecoin on other exchanges, which we’ll discuss in this article.

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Can you buy Dogecoin on Cash App? An alternate way to buy Dogecoin via Cash App

can you buy dogecoin on cash app

It is not possible to purchase Dogecoin from the Cash App directly. But, you can purchase Dogecoin using Cash App Card or Cash Card on any other cryptocurrency platform. Most crypto platforms accept Cash App visa debit cards for buying crypto coins.

You can buy bitcoin and sell them using the Cash App for now. As long as you have verified your account, you can buy a substantial amount of Bitcoin at reasonable costs.

The Cash App does not have any other cryptocurrency currently available apart from Bitcoin. But, you can obviously make use of your Cash Card, the Visa Debit Card, to make payments to purchase crypto.

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Will the Dogecoin listing on Cash App pump the market?

can you buy dogecoin on cash app

Dogecoin was founded by Jackson Palmer (Billy Markus) in 2013. It was a joke that served no purpose. The creators tried to make it absurd, so they made it about a Japanese Shiba Inu named “Doge”, a popular meme on the internet that used nonsensical words.

What would happen to Bitcoin prices if Bitcoin could be purchased on Cash App? Many crypto enthusiasts got excited when their coins appear on big crypto onboarding platforms like Coinbase and Kucoin.

Dogecoin holders wonder if Cash App can add their coins. It has the potential to raise Dogecoin’s value as well as its popularity and legitimize it more.

However, it is impossible to predict the future accurately (luck can sometimes be a factor). No one can predict the future. However, we can calculate and predict how Dogecoin will change with Cash App. If it were to be listed on Cash App it would most certainly make it more accessible to more people who would like to buy it.

All Cryptocurrency platforms are popular and always attract crypto enthusiasts because they increase the currency’s credibility and acceptability, resulting in a more significant customer base and total worth.

Cash App can increase Dogecoin’s market value by listing it as its accessible cryptocurrency. Cash App listing the altcoin would legitimize the coin and boost its market.

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How to buy Dogecoin on Cash App?

can you buy dogecoin on cash app

As mentioned above, It’s impossible to purchase Dogecoin using the Cash App right now.

However, You can still purchase Dogecoin on other platforms, which we will demonstrate step by step.

Buying Dogecoin may seem difficult if you haven’t bought cryptocurrency before. We will show you how to purchase Dogecoin most easily in the next section..

Binance is the most trusted exchange for Dogecoin, allowing you to purchase Dogecoin using your debit or credit card. Binance offers the best and most secure way to trade, buy, hold, and transfer your Dogecoins.

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How to buy Dogecoin on Binance?

can you purchase dogecoin on binance

To buy Dogecoin, you must look at platforms other than Cash App. Binance is a trusted platform for purchasing Dogecoin or other crypto coins, and you can use it for the purchase.

These steps will help you buy Dogecoin at Binance:

1)Log in or sign up on Binance
2)Add funds into your account.
3)Open “Wallet” and “Fiat and Spot”.
4)Click on the “Deposit” button to choose the deposit currency. In your case, it is USD.
5)Please follow on-screen instructions (Use a Cash Card while paying if you wish to purchase Dogecoin from a Cash App card).
6)Enter “Doge/USDT” in the search box and select “Doge/USDT” from the search results.
7)Click “Buy DOGE” and enter the amount of Dogecoin you wish to purchase.

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What are the available cryptocurrencies on Cash App? Where to buy Dogecoin?

Currently, the only cryptocurrency available on the Cash App is Bitcoin, and it is possible to buy or sell bitcoin right through Cash App. If you’d like to buy Dogecoin through Cash App, it is an unfortunate choice because Cash App has not yet listed Dogecoin among the cryptocurrency supported.

But, you can buy Dogecoin on other platforms. It is possible to buy altcoins (including Dogecoin) and other major Cryptos through platforms like Coinbase, NiceHas, Bittrex, Kucoin, and Binance.

If you want to buy Bitcoin via Cash App, stick to the below steps.

  • Open Cash App and log in to your account.
  • Go to the Bitcoin tab.
  • Select ‘Buy BTC’
  • Input the amount followed by Cash App Pin to finish the purchase.

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What are the top Dogecoin wallets?

After purchasing Dogecoin and any other cryptocurrency, storage is the most important thing to consider. Storage of your crypto (including Dogecoin) on exchange platforms can be quite dangerous, and they’re not extremely secure, and hackers can get into them frequently.

To keep your money in different wallets, you must withdraw it to the one you think is secure.

The Dogecoin wallet is of two types for storing your coins, i.e., hardware wallet and software wallet.

  • A Software-based Wallet: The user can download wallet software on their mobile device and add coins to their wallet through the internet. It may take up to 1 – 5 minutes for the wallet to load and synchronize. One of the most well-known wallets for Dogecoin is the Dogecoin Wallet.
  • Hardware Wallet: Your money in a wallet made of hardware is not accessible on the internet and is secure from hackers. Using the wallet’s Bluetooth connectivity or Cables, you can transfer your coins into the wallet’s hardware. Some of the wallet-making hardware companies include SecuX, Ledger, and Trezor.

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To sum up, this post discussed the topic “Can you buy Dogecoin on Cash App?” 

Dogecoin is one of the most well-known altcoins (shorthand for “alternative coin” similar to Bitcoin). Typically, Crypto enthusiasts look for the opportunity to invest in Dogecoin. The Cash App is one of the renowned money transfer systems in the US that offers a variety of options, including the possibility of purchasing crypto.

However, the only cryptocurrency you can buy via the Cash App is Bitcoin, and you cannot buy Dogecoin directly from the platform. Alternatively, we have also mentioned how to buy Dogecoin on Binance.

For any query related to the Cash App, you can contact us 24×7 all through the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

can you buy dogecoin on cash app

Can I Buy Dogecoin Through Cash App?

Sorry, you are unable to buy Dogecoin through Cash App as of now. The only cryptocurrency that Cash App supports so far is Bitcoin. 

Can I Purchase Dogecoin Using My Cash Card?

Indeed, Yes! You can buy Dogecoin on any Crypto platform using a Cash Card. A Cash card is a visa debit card, also known as a Cash App card that Cash App offers free of cost to all its users. Almost all crypto wallets accept debit and credit cards. 

On What Platforms Can You Buy Dogecoin?

You can buy Dogecoins on several platforms, for example- Binance, Coinbase, and Kucoin. Go through the above post to see the detailed steps to buy Dogecoin via Binance.

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