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How Can You Sue Cash App? File A Lawsuit Against Cash App

Can you sue Cash App? Are you having issues with a money transfer app, or have you been a victim of a fraud on Cash App? If you think that you’re entitled to financial compensation and that it’s the fault of Cash App, you may take them to the Court of Law. This article will help you learn how.

If you’ve had a problem with the Cash App payment, you could consider filing a lawsuit against the company. Cash App is a division of Square that specializes in mobile payment. But big companies like Cash App often do not have your best interest in mind. They may promise to solve your issue but not do so. You might have considered filing a lawsuit but had no success in this case. If you’re in the same situation, don’t be discouraged! There are various methods to file a lawsuit against Cash App.

First of all, If you’re experiencing issues using Cash App, you can make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. This action will allow you to avoid future problems with the Cash App. You can also dispute the charge with the credit company. In any event, you could opt to file a lawsuit against Cash App if it violated its user agreement. But, it is essential to remember that suing an organization is costly. If you got scammed on Cash App, contesting the transaction is a wise idea.

However, If you’re concerned about taking the Cash App to the Court of law, you should follow the steps in the following paragraphs.

If you are eager to know- “How can you sue Cash App?”, keep reading this article until the end to learn how it works.

Most of the time, Cash App is excellent in what it does, i.e., peer-to-peer money transfer. However, when the company fails to get the job done right, it could cause you to wonder how you can claim it, specifically when you’ve attempted to get the company to refund the money you paid but did not.

What is the procedure to file a lawsuit against Cash App? You’ll have to follow the below to lodge legal action against Cash App.

  • Make sure you organize your documents and file them
  • Inform Cash App about the suit
  • Get ready for the case hearing

The above steps simplify the process. You’ll need to think about a few things before entering the Courtroom. We’ll discuss these aspects in the post and the specifics of the steps, so continue reading to learn about the complete scenario.

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Can I sue Cash App?: Why file a lawsuit against Cash App?

Can You Sue Cash App

Yes, Indeed! You can take on Cash App in a court of law and bring a lawsuit against it. Users have filed a few big and small-claims lawsuits in the past. A few reasons why other Cash App users have had lawsuits in the past include:

  • Failed or unsuccessful Electronic Transfers
  • Cash App’s inability to respond to grievances from customers.
  • When your paid for a product or service using the Cash App but did not receive
  • Incorrectly handling the payment of the money between the seller and buyer
  • Unknown, unexplained Fees
  • Inability to safeguard users from fraud, identity theft, or other scams that you may find on the platform

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What to do before I sue Cash App?

Can You Sue Cash App

You must consider the following points before filing a lawsuit against Cash App.

Send A Demand Letter

The demand letter is the one that outlines the issue you encountered with the Cash App. You could, for instance, ask for a refund and then provide reasons why you’re asking for the refund.

If you ultimately decide to file a lawsuit in court, you’re legally required to request the return of your property or money before filing the lawsuit. When you verbally ask for your funds’ return, we suggest you do it in writing with the help of demand letters.

Sending a demand letter is the first step before you move to court to file a lawsuit. Demand letters can describe themselves as “a note of intent to sue.” Many cases have got settled by a demand letter.

It is possible to mail the letter on professional letterhead. If, for instance, you purchase a Demand Letter service from a renowned firm, they will place your request on their official letterhead. It takes about 5 minutes to create and wait for a letter to get delivered in one working day through USPS 2-day priority mailing.

What information should you include in the demand letter?

Can You Sue Cash App

Not sure what you should include in a demand letter to the Cash App? Here are a few ideas:

  • How much are you owed
  • The reason you’re owed money.
  • Your contact information.
  • Where to send the payment.
  • Allow them a couple of days to reply (usually between 1 and 2 weeks).
  • You can take legal action if they don’t respond within the above-specified period.

How to mail this letter

Once the demand letter is ready , you can send it to the address below.

Square, Inc.1455 Market Street, Suite 600,San Francisco, CA 94103

Or email their agent in California (their agent must send their legal department any legal documents they receive on their behalf)

CT Corporation System, ATTN: Square, Inc.,818 West Seventh Street, Suite 930,Los Angeles, CA 90017

Where to sue Cash App?

Which Court do you need to file your lawsuit against Cash App? This question will depend upon the specifics of your complaint.

Most of the problems Cash App customers have with the company come down to reclaiming the money they’re owed, and the amount sought isn’t massive.

So, the Small Claims Court has jurisdiction over such lawsuits and is the Court you’ll have to file your lawsuit.

Recoverable money limit

Now that you’ve figured out where to make your complaint, This information might cause you to think twice. You can’t sue more than $10,000 in the Small Claims Court when suing as an individual.

In contrast, If you’re suing Cash App as a company, you cannot seek anything more than $5000!

In other words, if you ask for higher than what is recoverable in the Small Claims Court, you effectively waive the difference in the amount.

Lawsuit Costs

Can You Sue Cash App

Have you ever heard the expression “the wheels of justice move slowly”? Money is the oil that makes the wheels turn. So the process of filing a lawsuit isn’t cheap. In particular, you’ll need to pay the Court’s filing fee (though you may ask the Court to waive the fee when you’re unable to pay for it). 

It will also cost you money to deliver Cash App your legal papers. Serving Cash App is crucial to sue without difficulty since it’s the way you’ll intimate the business you’re suing that Small Claims Court will entertain (i.e., hearing) your lawsuit.

There are some instances where the costs of the suit could exceed what you seek to get back. If this is the case, it’s possible to think about a different strategy. For instance, you can complain to BBB( Better Business Bureau ).

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How Can I Sue Cash App?

Can You Sue Cash App

Follow the below steps to file a lawsuit against Cash App.

Prepare and File the Lawsuit

  • Prepare Lawsuit: You can prepare the lawsuit using this form Plaintiff’s Claims and an Order to Proceed in Small Claims Court (SC-100). The court should understand the reasons for seeking to sue Cash App and how much you are filing a claim against Cash App, and lastly, what was the method you used to calculate the amount you’re seeking to sue Cash App.
  • File your lawsuit:  There are many ways to make a claim (1) in person at the Small Claims Court in your area, (2) by mail, (3) electronically (not accessible at all times), (4) by fax (not accessible at all times in courts).

 Notify Cash App of the lawsuit involving claims

  • After the court has approved the lawsuit you filed, the next step is to notify Cash App. You have to inform the Cash App that you have sued them.
  • To serve the court’s small-claims suit through Cash App, you must serve their “Agent for Service of Process.” It is the name of a company Cash App has selected to accept lawsuits on their behalf. Since January 20, 2021, their agent has been located in Los Angeles, the address we have already provided in the above paragraph.
  • There are four methods to serve the Cash App (1) engage a process servicer (around 75 dollars), (2) hire the Los Angeles Sheriff ($40), (3) have a relative or friend be the person to serve your lawsuit ($0), (4) certain counties allow the clerk of the court to mail the lawsuit on your behalf ($15).
  • If you’re eligible to receive a court fee waiver, serving the lawsuit is entirely free.

 Get Ready For Hearing

  • Make your statement: Prepare to explain to the judge the reason you are taking action against the Cash App.
  • Make sure you have your evidence ready: One of the most crucial ways to win small claims is to organize your evidence. If you have evidence, such as emails, screenshots, or images supporting your case, you must bring the proof at the hearing (you must make copies for yourself, the judge, and the defendant).

Before we put an end to this article- “How can you sue Cash App?”, we invite our readers to check out our other post published shortly on Cash App Free Money Generator.


In a nutshell, this post describes the article “How can you sue Cash App?’ You may bring a lawsuit against Cash App at the Small Claims Court by filling in your appropriate Court form, serving the company, and getting ready for a hearing.

However, before deciding to sue, look at factors such as the costs of the lawsuit, the need for a demand letter, and the court’s Small Claims limit.

We believe that the users shall indeed like this informative post. However, you can contact us anytime throughout the week if you still have any issues or concerns.


Can You Sue Cash App

Can a user Sue Cash App?

Yes, you are in a position to sue Cash App in the court of small claims. If the claim amount is greater than the amount the court covers for small claims that can handle the case, then you’ll have to present it to arbitration.

What does the term “Serve the Defendant mean” in a court of law?

After the court accepts your claim, you’re legally required to inform the defendant that you are suing them. Different courts have different rules concerning defendant service. Some require service by mail, whereas you might need a private process service for others.

Some courts have the defendant “answer” the claim and wait for the answer before holding a hearing. Visit your courthouse to inquire about their guidelines to understand what you should expect.

How much does it cost to sue Cash App in small claims court?

  • Court Filing Fees: In small claims, courts charge between $30 and $75 for filing the lawsuit. If you can’t afford to pay the court fees, you may ask the court to waive the court costs.
  • Serving Costs: After filing the small claims lawsuit, you must inform Cash App of the lawsuit. This process is known as serving. There are many methods to serve, and it could cost anywhere from $0-$75 to serve Cash App.

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