Cash App Payment Completed but Not 0Received

Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received: 7 Possible Causes  

This guide will help you solve the issue of Cash App Payment completed but not received. It will also show you the causes of the issue and how to send the payment correctly. Keep reading until the end.

Let’s get started on the Cash App payments completed but not received. Let’s also highlight what Cash App is for. Cash App is a mobile application for online payment that you can use to send and receive money to and from your friends, relatives and bosom contacts.

It is the top-ranked mobile payment service. With over 70 million users per year, Cash App is a multi-billion dollar service provider.

The app is currently only available in two countries. It allows US and UK citizens to make financial transactions using mobile phones.

You can use Cash App to send money to other Cash App users, debit cards, or bank accounts. The app offers several options for checking your Cash App balance, making ATM withdrawals using your Cash App debit card, and shopping with your credit card.

However, It’s not that the Cash App has got only the glories and fame. Instead, it has got some lacunas too. The user experience is affected by occasional server problems and payment delays.

Was your Cash App payment completed but not received? Learn how to fix it and why it could have happened.

One of the common complaints is that a completed payment is not received. So why does it happen, and how can you resolve this?

Sometimes, It is very frustrating that you encounter the issue of Cash App payment completed but not received when making the payment with Cash App. This article will help you find the right solutions as you go through this helpful article.

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How Do I Make A Payment On Cash App?

Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received

Before we get into the discussion of Cash App Payment received but not completed, Let’s first review how to send money on Cash App. You can send funds to other Cash App users or your attached bank accounts.

It is easy to send money to a bank account by adding it to your Cash App account. Sending money to another Cash App account requires the recipient’s email address or $cashtag (username). 

Please stick to the below-mentioned points to send payment instantly on Cash App.  

  1. Log in to your Cash App and enter how much you wish to send.
  2. Hit the Pay option.
  3. Enter your email address, telephone number or $Cashtag.
  4. Please enter the purpose of the payment.
  5. Tap Pay.

If the transaction is successful, you will see “completed” after you have done this. However, Sometimes you may confront the error; namely, payment completed but not received by a recipient.

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What Does Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received Mean?

Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received

Sometimes, the receiver doesn’t receive the money in the Cash App account, notwithstanding the notification from Cash App concerning Cash App payment completed but not received.  

Cash App payments must usually be in the receiver’s account when completed. You can not reverse a Cash App payment unless the recipient does so.

In the Cash App, a payment completed but not yet received refers to such payments that are still pending or that there is a problem. Usually, these payments get debited from the Payor’s account, but the same does not get credited to the receiver’s account for certain reasons. 

Now, we will plunge straight away to discuss the possible causes of this issue in the forthcoming paragraph.

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Why is Cash App payment completed but funds not received?: 7 Possible Reasons

Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received

Cash App makes it easy to send and receive money immediately. As there is an exception to every rule, the Cash App does not abstain from this. It also has some lacunas in it. Sometimes you might face an issue like Cash App payment completed but not received.

The term a Cash App payment completed but not received denotes that the transfer has already been made successfully, but the payment was not received in the recipient account.

A Cash App payment that has been received but not processed means that the transfer has already been made successfully, but the payment was not received in the recipient account. It is a very common problem nowadays. Cash App recommends that the users wait a couple of hours for the issue to resolve itself.

However, there are several causes of the query, “Why is Cash App payment completed but not received?” Some of the most common are connection problems, an unreachable server, insufficient funds, an exceeded daily limit, an anonymous sender, spam and fraud. Others are expired debit or credit cards and older app versions. Now, Let’s take a close look at each one by one.

Internet Connection Problems

Payouts may be delayed or pending due to a slow or unstable internet connection. Your Cash App payment will get placed on hold if your device is disconnected anytime during the transaction.

Hence, before starting a transaction, ensure your device is connected to a strong and stable internet.

Insufficient wallet balance

Cash App is unable to send what isn’t here. It is a known fact, but people often don’t notice it. Your account balance must have at least the amount of the payment to complete a transaction successfully.

Cash App will keep your payment pending until you have loaded funds to your account. It will only process your transaction once your account has enough funds.

So, Double-check your account balance before you start a transaction. It will help you avoid this error.

Frauds and Spams

Cash App allows you to mark accounts as spam or fraud. It is slightly different from the anonymous sender situation. Cash App will block any attempt to send you anything from one of these accounts before it reaches your account. Cash App blocks transactions that aren’t authorized.

Anonymous Sender

Cash App is a money-handling app, so safety, security and protection are essential. Cash App puts payments from anonymous and unknown senders on hold to help protect your account.

It will only allow you to access such payments if you accept them. It is at your own risk. Be careful about whom you accept payments from.

An issue with Your Bank Server

If your bank has not received the funds or payment within a reasonable time that you have sent, it could be that your bank’s servers are experiencing problems.

Bank server issues may take a couple of hours ( or days in some cases) to resolve.  

Check the server status of your bank account using Google search or any other search engine.

Cash App server Issue

Over 26 million people use Cash App every month. It means that transactions are too frequent. There are thousands of transactions happening in real time. Consequently, Cash App servers can sometimes face problems that could eventually lead to the failure of your payments.

So, Check your Cash App server status to see if it is up and running.

Use of Expired Debit Card

An expired debit card is also one of the reasons for getting the payment stuck. None of the payments shall go through if you use an expired card, and your bank may put the payment on hold until you get back to them. 

You can check the expiry dates printed on your card to see if it is still valid.

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How do I receive a pending payment on Cash App?

Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received

You must be patient if your Cash App payment becomes stuck. There is no need to worry about anything. You can wait a few more days, and you will get your money back.

However, you can contact Cash App support if you have not received your money within a few days.

You can contact Cash App support through the app itself. Also,Please note that the Cash App team won’t ask you for money or send you any code.

Cash App support responds quickly. However, if Cash App support does not respond to you immediately or you discover that there is no problem with the Cash App, the last option is to contact your bank to find out the cause.

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How do I find out if someone has received my Cash App payment?

Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received

You can check easily whether a recipient has received your payment or not on Cash App.

To check transaction history, first, open the Cash App. Then click on the profile icon at the top-left corner.

The transaction history shows all payments sent and received and any outstanding charges. If the amount sent is marked with “Completed”, it means that it was successful and the recipient should have received it.

It is also possible to contact the recipient directly to verify that they have received your payment. It can help you to solve the problem if they have not received your payment.

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A short video on how to know if a recipient received your Cash App payment: Also, Check visuals of Cash Out status on Cash App

How can you check your Cash-out Status on Cash App?

Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received

You may wonder how to check the status if you have requested Cash Out from your Cash App account. Don’t worry; we have provided steps that you can follow.

  • Click the Balance tab in the Cash App.
  • You will find any outstanding cash-out requests under “Pending”.
  • Tap on a request to see its status.
  • Status updates will let you know if your request is still being processed or completed

You can also check your payment status on the Cash App website by logging into your account. Click on “Activity” and choose “Cash Out”. Here you will see all pending and completed requests.

Why haven’t I Received My Cash App Money?

There could be various reasons if you’ve completed a transaction via the Cash App but haven’t received it yet. The most common cause is when the user doesn’t have a link to their debit or bank account. If you’ve linked both, the funds should be available immediately. However, if you’ve made payments using an account that’s not connected, you are most likely to experience similar issues.

There’s a chance that the transaction you requested was tucked away in the backlog of your system. In this scenario, the payment will not be processed immediately. However, you can take a few actions to solve the problem. First, check your internet connection. If it’s not fast enough, then your connection could be the reason. That is, you’re using an unstable internet connection. So, poor or inconsistent internet connection may be the reason for your pending payment.

In the second instance, if you’ve made a transaction that did not go through and received money back, you might never have verified your bank account. If that’s the case, ensure that the balance of your Cash App is in line with the amount you received. It is essential when you’re paying money to your relatives or friends. If you’re unsure how to go about it, visit the Cash App website and check whether it’s working.

Why is my Cash App payment pending for so long?

The Cash App payment has gotten stuck in the waiting stage for various reasons. Issues with security, server overload, internet connection issues, or even poor connection to the internet can result in delays. To receive your money promptly, check your Cash App activity feed to find out where your cash is. Examine the root cause of the issue and attempt to fix the problem. If you cannot resolve it, you may wish to return to regular cash to purchase items.

When your Cash App payment is pending, It is likely that the recipient hasn’t yet accepted your payment. There are various reasons this happens, but the good thing is that most pending transactions are completed swiftly. It is effortless to cancel a pending transaction on Cash App. Just load Cash App on your device, open and log in to your Cash App. On the next screen, select the “activity” tab (clock icon) for more information. You will see the list of all your transactions here. Select the transaction in question and cancel it.

How Long Does Pending Transactions Take?

When you’ve deposited money using Cash App, receiving your money depends on what method of deposit you select. If you decide to deposit the funds into your bank account, it could take up to 3-5 days for the money to arrive in your account. There’s another “Instant” option; however, it will cost you 1.5 percent of the total transaction and a minimum of $0.25. If you opt for the second, the payment will get credited to your account within a couple of hours.

The processing time will differ from bank to bank. The first direct deposit could take a day or two, and the next could require two working days. Other deposits can be more time-consuming; therefore, inquire with your bank about their guidelines. Contact your bank to dispute the charge if the funds don’t show up on the day you anticipate. After you’ve solved the issue, You can try again by adding more funds to your bank account.

Cash App payments are added to your account in a matter of minutes, so you can begin sending money immediately after the transaction is approved. You can also transfer funds to family members and friends. Apart from paying for transactions, you can also see the details of each transaction you’ve made and received. Once you reach the maximum limit to send and receive money on your Cash App account, you’ll need to verify your account to enjoy an extended limit.  

Before we close this article on ‘Cash App payment completed but not received,’ we invite our readers to check out another post published shortly on How To Enable Cash App Direct Deposit?”

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Cash App payment completed but not received is one of the most common errors in Cash App. We have provided solutions and additional tips to help you understand the causes. We hope you won’t panic if such a situation arises.

This “Pending Payment” issue is usually resolved on its own, but you can always refer to this list for possible causes and contact the app’s support for further assistance.

Should you still have any issues, you can contact us anytime for further help.


Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received

How long does it take to receive a Cash App payment?

Cash App users can usually pay each other instantly. The time required to transfer funds depends on your transfer mode. Instant Transfer takes a few minutes to an hour, but it comes with fees. 

However, the Standard Transfer takes between 1 and 3 business days. In such cases, the Cash App payment is complete but not received until a certain period.

Can you reverse the completed Cash App payment?

Because Cash App payments are instant, you can’t reverse them. Instead, You can request a Cash App refund, but it is not guaranteed that you will get the money back.

Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received, What should I do?

Please adhere to the below points to overcome the issue.

  1. Before making any transactions, check your Cash App balance.  
  2. Verify your network connection
  3. Before you send payment, make sure to read the information attentively that you have entered.
  4. You must ensure that your weekly and monthly limits are not exceeded. You can verify your Cash App account to increase the limit if you have exceeded it.
  5. Keep your Cash App updated regularly.
  6. Contact Cash App support if nothing works.



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