check cash app balance

Check Cash App Balance: Step-By-Step Guide

If you are using the Cash app frequently in your day-to-day life, it becomes necessary sometimes to check the Cash App Balance in your Cash App wallet. The best feature of the Cash App is that it offers a simple process to send, receive and request money. Additionally, users can also see its simplicity in the process of Buying & selling Bitcoin and stocks. In the same fashion, most Cash App users already know how simple it is to see the Cash App Balance. However, some users may still be, especially the new users; who do not know how to check the Cash App Balance.

Before going further about this article on ‘how to check the Cash App Balance’ in detail, please keep one thing in mind that the  Cash App balance and Cash App Cash card balance are both the same. If you don’t know how to check Cash App balance, this post will significantly help you; please read it till the end.

check cash app balance

Before we get into the steps for checking the Cash App balance, we want to let you know that there are only two ways for checking the Cash App available balance. The Cash App does not have an alternative way to check the cash balance. We mentioned this because some sites provided incorrect information to check Cash App balance, and this false information, in turn, can lead to fraud or an unwanted fund deduction.

The two accurate ways to check Cash App balance are hereunder :

check cash app balance
  • You can Check Cash App Balance with the app via mobile, Android/iOs.
  • Check Cash App Balance without an app by using a PC.

We will talk about each way to check Cash App balance in detail one by one in the forthcoming section. Furthermore, if you are a new Cash App user and have not installed Cash App, we would like to invite you to our separate blog on How to Install Cash App On Android and IOS

How to check Cash App balance on Android or iOS?

Are you wondering where the Cash App balance tab is? This section is perfect for you if your answer is “yes.” It is pretty easy to check your balance on the phone. These are the steps you need to follow.

  • Unlock your mobile and log in Cash App account.
check cash app balance
  • Now, hit the “Banking” tab, second from the left at the bottom of the home screen.
check cash app balance
  • Ultimately you can see your available Cash App balance right here on the screen.
check cash app balance

You now know how to check your Cash App balance using your phone. However,  even if you do not have a mobile right now, you can still check your Cash App Balance on a PC.

How to check Cash App balance on a PC?

We are glad to inform you that you can also view your Cash App balance from anywhere without downloading an app. Just log in to your Cash App account using the Cash App Official Website on a PC. The Cash App allows you to check your balance there. The steps are as follows:

check cash app balance
  • Log in to your Cash App account by tapping on the option indicated in the picture.
check cash app balance
  • Click on the “Menu” option as shown below.
check cash app balance
  • Now click on the “Banking” option.
check cash app balance
  • Finally, You can see the available Cash App Balance in your wallet right here itself.
check cash app balance

With the help of the above-described steps, the cash app users can easily view their cash Apps balance. However, a user sometimes becomes anxious after seeing his wallet balance; he gets unsure of the calculations on the preview page. Hence, if you are uncertain about any of your transactions, you can download the Transaction History in CSV format, which will surely help you trace an unknown transaction.

If you do not know how to download transaction history on Cash App, you do not have to worry at all; we have also discussed the steps to download transaction history on Cash App in the below section.

Can You Check Cash App Balance Over the Phone?

If you have a Cash App account with a balance, you can quickly check your balance through the telephone by calling a toll-free phone number. All you have to provide is your account number and name, and you’ll then receive your routing number and the new account number. You can also request that Cash App provide you with your account number if you’ve lost it. This way, you’ll be able to monitor your balance anywhere, even at home.

If you cannot check your Cash App balance online, you can dial the Cash App customer service number to check your account history. When you call this number, they will provide you with the Cash App statement whereon you’ll be able to see your Cash App account balance for the last year. You can also download your statement manually. The customer service number will provide the latest 12 or 24-month transaction information. It is also possible to contact the help center of Cash App for any questions.

Can I Check My Cash App Balance at ATM?

If you have not installed Cash App yet, we suggest you can see the balance on your account online. You can log into your Cash App account online with your email address registered with the app or mobile number. It’s recommended to check your account balance before using the ATM. You can also look up the history of your transactions that will display the receipts and transfers you have made to or from the cash App account. Once you’ve got the needed data, you can utilize the app to withdraw or transfer funds.

If you have a Cash App card and want to withdraw cash from an ATM, you can make it happen by visiting your nearby ATMs where visa cards are accepted. Once your Cash App card is reloaded with money, you can use it in stores or online. When you use money from your Cash App card, the amount you have spent is taken from your Cash App balance. You can also verify the balance of your Cash App through the internet, by phone, or by contacting Customer support.

How Do I Check Balance on Cash App Card?

If you have never tried using Cash App to check your balance online, here is how you can check your Cash App balance. You can check your balance by downloading the most recent account history for up to 24 months. It is helpful when you purchase items using a Cash Card. You can verify your balance by calling the customer support department for Cash App if you don’t have the app. The customer support rep will confirm your account details and send you an updated balance.

You must have your email ID and a secure code to view the Cash App balance. After you have entered your credentials, you can find a tab showing your balance. If you find an error in your balance, you may make the transaction void or contact the customer support department. They will also assist you in determining how much remains on your credit card.  

Video presentation on How to check your Cash App balance

How do I download transaction history on the Cash App?

To download the transaction history on Cash App, please follow the below-mentioned steps attentively.

  • Sign in to on your PC.
check cash app balance
  • Tap  on the ‘Menu’ option available at the top right of the home screen
check cash app balance
  • Now click on the “Banking” option.
check cash app balance
  • The user can see his Cash App Balance here.
check cash app balance
  • Tap the ‘Statement’ in the Menu Bar
check cash app balance
  • Here, now click on the ‘Download’ option.  
check cash app balance
  • At last, you can save the file with the name at your desired location. 
check cash app balance

Before concluding this post in wrapping up, we would like our readers to look at our short video presentation that will surely help them solve their related purposes.


This post provides a thorough lesson on How to check Cash App Balance. We have discussed all the necessary detailed steps to check Cash App wallet balance over the Phone or App and PC. We are sure that the Cash App users will find all this information quite helpful and effective.   For more information or to get an answer to any query, feel free to contact Customer Assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

check cash app balance

Can I check my Cash App balance at the ATM?

You can indeed use a Cash App card at any ATM and withdraw money there. But, the balance checking option is not possible at ATMs.  Because, despite having funds in the wallet, by default, the ATM shows zero funds whenever any Cash App users check their balance. 

How much can you spend from the Cash App balance?

Unverified Cash App users can send up to $250 and receive $1000. But, Once you are a verified user, you can increase your spending limit up to $7500 in a week with an unlimited receiving limit. 

How can I check my Cash App balance without a Phone?

If you do not have access to your Mobile phone, you can still check your Cash App balance through the Cash App official website on a PC using an email to sign in to your account. 

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