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How to Disable Cash App Card? Everything Well Explained

The Cash App Card has one of the most significant benefits to verified users. Look no further than this article if you’re searching for ways to lock or disable Cash App Card. This article will help you find the complete solution.

Cash App is one brand that doesn’t require any introduction. The Cash App Card service is just one of many services that Cash App offers. Most people know that Cash App enables users to send, receive and make payments with ease of mind. However, everyone is not aware of the advantages associated with Cash App.  In the previous blog, we have already learned how to order a Cash App Card and avail of maximum benefits, after that, how to activate a Cash App Card. Now, we will discuss how to disable Cash App Card.

You may not be aware that you can block your Cash App Card as and when required in a specific circumstance. It’s not so hard to know the reason why you need to disable Cash App Card. When you stop or deactivate the Cash Card, transactions through it won’t be feasible. The temporary deactivation of your card could protect your card from being misused. Otherwise, you could lose the money you have worked so hard to earn. So, it’s essential to know the ways to disable Cash App Card.

Moreover, before discussing the steps to disable Cash App Card, we must first understand why or in which situations we need to disable Cash App Card.

When Should You Disable Cash App Card and Why?

We all know that the Cash App provides a Physical Cash Card to its customers that you can keep in your wallet without hassle. Cash App Cards are simple to use and make it easy to make instant payments. You can also withdraw cash from any ATM using a Cash App Visa Debit Card. These excellent features could backfire on you if your card falls in the hands of a fraudster. Hence it becomes necessary for the user to block or disable Cash App Card. 

Moreover, we have listed various situations where it becomes essential for you to disable Cash App Card to protect yourself from scams or lose money.

Fraud and Scam: The cash app provides PCI-DSS 1 level security for its users. However, sometimes, the Cash App users need to be vigilant to avoid any fraud on their Cash App Card. If you are not using your Cash App Card for a long time, we highly recommend that you temporarily disable your Cash App card.

disable cash app card

Damage/Stolen: If you discover that your Card is lost or damaged, you must disable your Cash App Visa Debit Card. Additionally, you have to report the problem to the Cash App Customer Service.

disable cash app card

Expired Card: You must disable Cash App Card once it expires. However, there is a high possibility that your Cash App Card automatically stops working upon its expiry. 

disable cash app card

Before deleting Cash App Account: It is essential to disable Cash App Card before deleting your Cash App account. Many Cash App users forget to disable Cash App Card when deleting Cash App accounts that can cause the issue. As a competent user, you shouldn’t make this mistake.

disable cash app card

Also, Read: How to delete Cash App History. Go through this post till the last as you will also get to know how to delete your Cash App account permanently.

How to Disable Cash App Card Instantly?

It is an exciting section where we’ll list a step-by-step process to disable Cash App Card. These steps are easy to do yourself. Let’s get started:

disable cash app card
  • Once you sign in to your account, you will come to the Cash App home screen.
disable cash app card
  • Click the Card Shaped Icon on the home screen.
disable cash app card
  • Here on the screen, you will see a toggle button for your Cash Card.
disable cash app card
  • Click on the toggle button to disable your Cash App Card.
disable cash app card
  • Now you are all done; your Cash App Card is disabled.

Important Note:  Only disabling your Cash App Card is not enough if you have lost your Card. Moreover, you will need to report the case about your Lost Card to Cash App Customer Care.

How to activate a disabled Cash App Card?

Cash App is renowned for its flexibility in services. Its flexibility is quite apparent when it comes to managing your Cash App Card. Besides the deactivation,  the users can also activate their Cash App Cards using simple steps. We have explained the easy steps to disable Cash App Card in the previous section.  You can follow the same steps to activate your disabled card by toggling the button.

Before concluding this post, we encourage our readers to check out a short video presentation on how a cash app user can activate his Cash App  Card.  


In this article, we have provided complete details about  “how to disable Cash App Card.  Simultaneously, we have also discussed some circumstances whereon the Cash App users need to disable Cash App Card.  

However, If you still can’t disable Cash App Card or have any issues,  feel free to contact us for quick help.


disable cash app card

What are the reasons to disable the Cash App Card?

There are so many reasons to deactivate or disable a Cash App Card. Most of the time, the Cash App users disable the Cash Card to prevent fraud or lost cards.

Can I still avail of the direct deposit feature if my Cash App Card is disabled?

Of course, You can still enjoy the direct deposit feature even if your Card is disabled.

How do I activate a disabled Cash App Card?

Follow the below steps to activate your disabled Cash App Card:

  • First of all, Log in to your Cash App Account.
  • Click on the Card Shaped Icon.
  • Now, Click on the Toggle button to enable your Cash App Card.



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