how to send bitcoin on cash app

How to Send Bitcoin on Cash App?

Want to learn how to send bitcoin on Cash App? This article will provide step-by-step instructions to help you learn how to send, buy or withdraw bitcoins easily. Please read this entire article to get the most out of it.

More than 7 million people use Cash App for a variety of purposes. These include transferring, receiving money and paying the utility bills. Later, It was introduced with many updates, including the investment section, allowing users to buy, withdraw, and send bitcoins easily, which is in response to the rapidly growing popularity of the Cash App.

Cash App was initially known as Square Cash. Cash App made a remarkable impact on the market in a short time. As mentioned above, Cash App has attracted 7 million users due to its speed and ease of use. Cash App has many unique features. However, buying Bitcoin is the most popular feature of Cash App. Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency.

From 2009 to date, bitcoin has experienced unpredictable growth. In 2017, approximately 10 million bitcoins were purchased and sold. The Cash App’s bitcoin trade function is a smart move in such an environment. A trading option in the Cash App is a good idea because bitcoin is a volatile currency.

Cash App only currently supports Bitcoin. Sorry if you aren’t up-to-date on all the latest crypto trends. But its simple user interface makes managing funds easy. This app is excellent for both novice and expert traders. 

However, Cash App users sometimes have trouble figuring out how to use the updated version to buy and send bitcoin.

So, Kindly be with us until the end to learn more about ‘how to send bitcoins on Cash App’ and much more.

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What is Cash App?

How to Send Bitcoin on Cash App

Square Cash, now Cash App, is a secure, free and simple way to send or receive money. You can quickly load money to your Cash App account from your attached debit card or bank account for no cost.

The Cash App is available in the App Store and Google Play. You can access this application on smart devices and desktops via a web browser. The Cash App is most well-known for its money-sending function. It also offers features like fee business accounts and the ability to purchase/sell bitcoin.

The app lets you quickly accept Bitcoin by linking your bank account or debit card. Cash App provides many tools, including sending money (similar to PayPal) or cashing out (moving Bitcoin funds into USD and GBP).

Moreover, you can also invest in stocks through Cash App. Cash App Investing, a new feature, will allow you to invest in stocks without the need to set up an account or learn about investing.

Cash App’s unique duplex technology makes it easy to pay. Duplex eliminates the need to enter recipient information every time you send money.

Before diving into the main topic, how to send bitcoin on Cash App, it first becomes essential for us to know the process involved in buying Bitcoin. So let’s first understand how to buy Bitcoin on Cash App.

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How do I buy Bitcoin on Cash App?

How to Send Bitcoin on Cash App

This section covers the process of buying Bitcoins on Cash App. Most users get stuck when buying bitcoins using Cash App. Follow the below steps to buy Bitcoin on Cash App.

  • First, Open Cash App and log in to your account. Click on the Investing tab, which is like Rising Curve. You will find two options: “Stocks” and “Bitcoin.” “
  • To open the Bitcoin tab, tap the Bitcoin symbol at the lower right corner of your Cash App home screen.
  • Click the bright, large “Buy” button in the middle of your screen.
  • Select how much Bitcoin you wish to purchase by choosing a USD value or creating custom orders.
  • Now the system will ask you to provide additional information for security purposes and set a PIN if this is your first Bitcoin purchase through Cash App.
  • If you make another purchase next time, you will only need to input your PIN.
  • After you confirm your order, Cash App will calculate any fees.
  • Once your purchase is complete, the window will redirect you to the Bitcoin tab.
  • Now you’ll see your Bitcoin balance at the top of the screen. A simple chart showing the Bitcoin market fluctuations over the past week will also show you.

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How do you send Bitcoin on Cash App?

How to Send Bitcoin on Cash App

Sending Bitcoins to any $Cashtag is free and easy. Follow these instructions carefully to send Bitcoin through Cash App.

  • Switch between USD and BTC by tapping the “BTC” or “USD” buttons on your Cash App home screen.
  • Tap Pay on your home screen and enter a minimum of $1.
  • Enter the unique $Cashtag of your recipient, associated mobile number, or email address
  • Input Pin or Touch Id to verify the information.
  • Once all details are verified, press “confirm.”
  • You have now successfully sent a bitcoin on Cash App

You can also send Bitcoin via the Bitcoin tab. To do so:

  • Tap on the Bitcoin tab in your Cash App home screen
  • Click the Airplane button
  • Choose to send Bitcoin
  • Enter the amount, and the $Cashtag
  • Follow the prompts

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Is there any Bitcoin sending limit on Cash App?

How to Send Bitcoin on Cash App

There are certain limitations while sending bitcoins via Cash App. It is essential to be aware of these restrictions before you send via Cash App.

Below are some guidelines to help you decide how much bitcoin you can spend.

  1. Minimum transaction amount for $Cashtags is 0.00001 BTC/1,000 Satoshis.
  2. The minimum amount for each On-Chain transaction is 0.001 BTC or 100,000 SAT.
  3. Weekly Sending Limit: $7,500
  4. Weekly Receiving Limit: $7,500

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How risky is it to buy Bitcoin?

How to Send Bitcoin on Cash App

You can thoroughly understand the risks of buying Bitcoins by the following points.


Bitcoin’s volatility means that its value can fluctuate at any moment. Bitcoin’s value fluctuated many times. Once upon a time, the value of Bitcoin was able to go from 16,000 up to 9,000 within hours.

Security Concern

You cannot recover your private keys if they are lost. So, you will lose all your money in this situation. However, this is very unlikely because you can save private keys offline and on your phone.

It is impossible to reverse cryptocurrency transactions, so there are safety concerns. It means there is no way to get your money returned if it has been hacked.


Bitcoin cannot be regulated. It means if the cost of Bitcoin increases, no one will be able to regulate it. It could cause sudden price fluctuations without warning, leaving users with no time to react.

The risks of buying Bitcoin depend on how they are stored and where they are purchased. Coinbase users are safe because they offer comprehensive security features such as two-factor authentication, secure offline storage, and insurance.

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How much does it cost to buy Bitcoin using Cash App?

How to Send Bitcoin on Cash App

It does not cost even a single bug when you send money through Cash App. A 3% fee applies to bitcoin purchased through the Cash App. The fee can be lower by using a cashback rebate. This rebate will return $10 of the fee every 30 calendar days (except weekends)

However, If you go for the Coinbase application, it will allow you to store and transfer your bitcoins for free.

Users pay different fees based on their country of origin and their wallet type. Coinbase, for example, allows you to store your bitcoin free of cost but charges a 1% fee if you want to sell it. These fees are essential to know before you invest in Bitcoin.

How do I find my Bitcoin address on the Cash App?

It is pretty easy to find your Bitcoin address on Cash App. It usually displays the Bitcoin address on the deposit page. However, it might not be compatible with the website to which you wish to transfer your bitcoin. So you must note this address to ensure you don’t send your bitcoin to an unsupported wallet. You can check it out by scanning a QR code with your device or by copying it. After that, you can share your Bitcoin address with your friends and contacts.

After you’ve registered, you’ll be asked to provide additional details. It will include your name, social security number, date of birth, and address. If you are scanning your picture, ensure it’s bright and clear. After you’ve filled in your information, you will receive a confirmation email. Cash App will send you an acknowledgment pass. It will then allow you to transfer your bitcoins.  

Can You Send Bitcoin From Cash App to Coinbase?

Can I transfer Bitcoin via Cash App to Coinbase? Indeed You can connect the Cash App and Coinbase accounts and send money using your Cash App account to Coinbase. Follow the steps below to start. Create an account with Coinbase. Then, go to the Cash app’s Wallet section. Tap the “+” icon to input your wallet’s address. After you have confirmed the address, you can press “Send .”

Select the Bitcoin you want to transfer. After that, enter the recipient’s address and the amount. The fee will instantly be calculated. After completing the transaction, you can press “Send” to transfer your bitcoins to the recipient. The confirmation page will pop up to let the recipient review the transaction’s details. If everything is in order, you’ll be able to monitor your transactions effortlessly.

You can also use Apple Pay to transfer funds via Cash App to Coinbase. Open Apple Pay and enter the bitcoin wallet address of the recipient. It’s convenient because everything is in one place. Then you’re done! You can access your coins on the Coinbase website and the Cash App. It’s quick, simple, and secure! Furthermore, since Bitcoin is a digital currency, it gives you greater control of it than before.

How do I activate Bitcoin on Cash App?

If you’re planning to utilize the Cash App to buy Bitcoin, You must ensure that you’re at least 18. You must be at a minimum of 18 years old or have attained the age of being an adult within your particular state. Also, you must be an individual, not an organization, to be able to access the service. Also, you should use the Cash App for your personal use. To activate Bitcoin on Cash App, follow the below guidelines to start.

After downloading the Cash App, Open it and select “Bitcoin.” After selecting “Bitcoin,” tap the small bitcoin icon at the bottom of the screen. After that, choose the recipient from your contacts list and enter $Cashtag. When you have enough Bitcoin, you can send it using the Cash App or various other wallets for cryptocurrency.

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To recap, we have analyzed the topic “How to send Bitcoin on Cash App” in this post. Simultaneously we have also discussed the process of buying Bitcoins through the Cash App along with its associated fees, risks, and sending limits.

We believe that the readers shall indeed like this beneficial post. However, if you still have any concerns, you can contact us anytime for further help.


How to Send Bitcoin on Cash App

Are Bitcoin transactions on Cash App Insured?

Of Course! Cash App does offer insurance for bitcoin transactions initiated through its application. Moreover, It also provides two-factor authentication. So, If you lose your login credentials or your phone gets stolen, there is still a secondary way to access your account.

What do you need to buy Bitcoin via Cash App?

You must have a Cash App account with a linked active debit card or bank account. At the same time, You must be a Cash App verified user.

Why can’t I send bitcoin through Cash App?

Sometimes, limits can prove to be a problem. Sending bitcoins is subject to some restrictions. For a $Cashtag, the minimum amount per transaction is 0.00001 BTC/1000 Satoshis. The minimum amount for an on-chain transaction: 0.001 BTC or 100,000 Satoshis (Satoshi)

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