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How to Use American Express on Cash App? Link Amex Cards to Cash App

Do you want to know how to use American Express Card on Cash App? Cash App accepts American Express, most major credit cards, and debit cards from the famous brand. These notable and famous brands include Mastercard, Discover, and VISA.

However, the app currently does not accept business debit cards, ATM cards, and prepaid cards like PayPal cards, except for a few prepaid cards, namely Greendot Black Unlimited Cards and Government enabled Prepaid Cards.

An American Express card, also referred to as “Amex,” is an electronic payment method that American Express brands. The company issues and processes credit, prepaid, and charge cards. These cards are available for all individuals and small- and large-sized businesses worldwide.

Can you use American Express on Cash App? Cash App is a great mobile payment platform for sending and receiving the money to and from family, friends, and contacts. Cashing out the funds and transferring them to your debit/credit card is possible if they have already sent you money. While it’s relatively straightforward, you must understand if Amex cards will work with Cash App. What is the best way to link Amex with Cash App, and how can you use American Express on Cash App?

Cash App is compatible with all major debit/credit cards, including American Express Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. However, you cannot use American Express debit cards and their Serve Prepaid cards on Cash App. It must be a regular or personal debit card or credit card.

Here you will know everything you need for more information: What cards does Cash App accept? 

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Moreover, American Express sometimes may not be able to work with Cash App for various reasons.

This article will explain how to use American Express on Cash App, add AMEX to Cash App, and why sometimes it may not work for purchases.

Continue reading this article until the end for more information on “How to use American Express Cards on the Cash App?

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Does Cash App Support Amex?

use american express on cash app

Cash App does support American Express Cards. You can use your American Express card with Cash App if you have one. Please be aware that Cash App only accepts Amex credit and personal debit cards. 

Unfortunately, Cash App does not work with prepaid cards like Amex Serve or business debit cards. Cash App works in conjunction with Amex under favorable circumstances.

Over and above, some concerns on forum reports and review sites indicate that Cash App won’t allow them to connect their Cash App accounts.

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Can You use American Express on Cash App?

use american express on cash app

Indeed, You can use American Express cards on Cash App. Not only Amex, but also you can use Visa, Master, and Discover cards that are under your name.

You might be curious to know if your American Express card is compatible with Cash App if you are one of the many people who bank on it. This peer-to-peer popular mobile payment service allows you to split the bill with your friends, purchase items from the Facebook marketplace, and much more, along with its basic functioning of sending and receiving money. 

Cash App’s simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility for peer-to-peer payments have made it a household name. It allows you to send money instantly to your family and friends for no cost.

Moreover, you can also buy and sell stocks and bitcoins using Cash App. So the question is: “Is Amex compatible with Cash App?” How to use American Express on Cash App? 

If you own one of these cards, there is good news. Cash App supports debit and credit cards from all major players, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Cash App allows you to use a variety of cards. You can add funds to government-issued prepaid cards, but you won’t be able to use them.

As the famous saying goes, every rule has an exception. Cash App also has exceptions. Cash App accounts are not compatible with business debit cards. If your Amex card is a business card, like those associated with your Kabbage Checking account, it will not work with your Cash app account. ATM and PayPal cards also do not work with Cash App. 

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How do I use American Express on Cash App?

How To Use American Express On Cash App 10

Once you have confirmed that your American Express card works, you must first link your Amex Card with your Cash App account.These are the steps to link these two programs together. If you have an American Express Card added to Cash App, your Amex card shall be visible in the Cash App’s “Link Your Debit Card Section.” 

These instructions will help you link your American Express card to the Cash App:

  1. Open Cash App and Log in to your account.
  2. Tap “My Cash” tab  in the left corner of Cash App’s home screen.
  3. Click “+Add or link a debit card” and then tap “Link Your Amex card”.
  4. Enter your American Express card number and expiration date.
  5. To save your information, tap “Link My Card.”
  6. Now you are ready to go, and your Amex card is linked.

If the app gives you an error message after adding your card, close out of Cash App. You can then reopen the app to make another attempt. Sign back in, and you may see the Amex card you tried to link. You can enter it again if you don’t see it.

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Can I Use American Express Serve Prepaid on Cash App? 

use american express on cash app

Some people prefer American Express Serve prepaid cards over traditional credit or debit cards. You can purchase these cards at major retailers, such as CVS drug stores. After buying the card, you can load money on it and then spend it like any other Amex credit card.

Many people would like to link this with their Cash App to send money back or forth. It is a simple way to load additional funds onto your American Express Serve card or to transfer money from it when splitting a bill with friends.

Unfortunately, American Express Serve prepaid cards are not currently compatible with the app. Cash App users can only access their debit and credit cards.

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Why won’t Cash App Allow Your Amex Card?

use american express on cash app

It is common for Cash App that it does not allow Amex Card linkage. It happens because cards may be declined by the Cash App or card issuer for funds availability or fraud prevention.

The Cash App may place restrictions on Amex merchant payment methods. Cash App doesn’t support any card that the USA banking institution doesn’t support. American Express is a US-based bank, so this will not apply to this.

There have been conflicting claims that AMEX has completely blocked Cash App’s merchant status, but CashApp still shows AMEX as an allowed card on the website and in their app. Without Cash App’s official announcement, it would not be easy to understand the situation regarding Amex card acceptance on Cash App.

Amex banned Cash App as a merchant for all its cards. Amex sometimes gets crazy if they think there’s an easy way to withdraw cash directly from the card without going for a cash advance.

In some cases, credit cards can also be temporarily suspended or banned. Double-check to ensure you’re not entering incorrect American Card details like the wrong card number, CVV, or expiration dates.Sometimes you forgot to check whether your card is expired. It can also be a reason for Cash App not allowing your Amex.

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What are the benefits of using Amex on Cash App?


You can enjoy the following with an American Express Card with Cash App.

  • Cashback rewards: Shop online or in-store to earn cash back. 
  • Additional credit card benefits: You will receive extra credit card benefits such as purchase protection and extended warranty coverage when you use your Amex card.
  • Mobile Check Deposit: With the Cash App, you can use your Amex card for mobile check deposits.
  • Referral Program:  Refer friends to Cash App with your unique code (which changes each time), and they’ll give you a $1 bonus for every person who signs up for the AMEX Referral program! It is an excellent way for you to make extra money.
  • International: Cash App is also available in countries other than the United States, such as Canada or Australia.
  • Cash-out: Your earnings, including bonuses for friends, can be readily cashed out from your Amex card. Depending on your preference, you can cash out at any ATM or request a check by mail.
  • Multiple Options: Amex allows you to withdraw funds in numerous ways


So, here is the end of the article on “How to use American Express on Cash App?”

So, in a nutshell, Amex works with Cash App. We have shared how to link your Amex card to Cash App. We also shared the benefits of an Amex card with a Cash App. Simultaneously, We also discussed how to make the most of the app and offer bonuses for friends who refer you! 


use american express on cash app

How does American Express work?

American Express provides financial services such as credit cards and charge cards to help people manage their money. Cash App is available to anyone without an American Express card. However, you will need to have a bank account. However, having an American Express card to shop online and in-store using your Cash App is not mandatory.

Is Amex Safe?

American Express is a trusted financial services company that is well-reputed. They’ve been around for many decades. It is pretty safe to use Amex cards with Cash App.

Does Amex work with the Cash App?

Yes, Amex does with the Cash App. Linking your American Express card with Cash App is not mandatory to make it work. However, you will be rewarded $1 for each person you refer to Cash App with your code. Each time the referral bonus changes.

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