withdraw bitcoin from cash app

How to Withdraw Bitcoin From Cash App? Instant Setting Steps

In addition to offering secure, fast, and efficient money transfer services, the Cash App is also well-known as a great platform to buy, sell, and store bitcoins. You don’t need any extra efforts to purchase and sell Bitcoin through the Cash app. However, To withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App or transfer BTC to another Bitcoin wallet, users need to make a one-time setting.  If you aren’t sure how to enable Cash App Bitcoin withdrawal settings, you’re here on the right page.

Furthermore, we are happy to inform you that free assistance in Bitcoin withdrawal, Sell, and Purchase is also available at Cash App Customer Service. In the meantime, to know how to withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App, we have discussed the simple steps in the forthcoming section.

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How to transfer Bitcoin from Cash App to Coinbase, Binance or any other Crypto wallet?

withdraw bitcoin from cash app

Nowadays, the use of multiple applications is quite common amongst users. Hence, it is the reason why many people ask what to do when they want to transfer Bitcoin from Cash App to Coinbase, Binance, or another cryptocurrency wallet.

The users can easily withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App using Bitcoin wallet address without any hassle. However, the wallet’s address will become available only after cash App verification.  That means you’ll have to enable the settings to upload documents and get approval just one time. The Bitcoin verification process is only a few seconds, but approval could take a few hours.

Note: The Cash App charges 1.75% of the selected amount of Bitcoin as a Bitcoin withdrawal fee.

How to Enable On-Chain Bitcoin Transaction? Settings for Bitcoin Withdrawal on Cash App

withdraw bitcoin from cash app

If you are a verified Cash App user, you are just a single step away from availing of the Bitcoin withdrawal and transfer service. The user can easily enable On-Chain Transaction on Cash App to enjoy the Bitcoin withdrawal feature by following the below steps.

  • Open the Cash App on your phone and log in to your account.
  • Click the “Profile” tab at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to find the “Bitcoin” button and click on it.
  • Now, Click on the “Enable Bitcoin option”.
  • Once you complete the above steps, the Cash App will redirect you to another page for verification. Here you will need to enter your SSN and scan a photo Id & selfie to verify. 
  • Now you will receive a message on the screen saying, “Bitcoin Withdrawal Approval is pending.”
  • You need to wait for the Cash App response; the Cash app usually takes 24-48 hours to review the Bitcoin withdrawal request.
  • After successful verification, you will receive an email and notification for successful activation for Bitcoin withdrawal.
  • Now you are all set; you can quickly transfer or withdraw Bitcoin on the Cash App. 

Steps to transfer Bitcoin from Cash App to Coinbase, Binance or any other Crypto wallet?

withdraw bitcoin from cash app

Follow the below step by step process to transfer Bitcoin from Cash App to Coinbase, Binance or any other application.

  • Open the Cash App and click on the “Investment” tab.
withdraw bitcoin from cash app
  • Tap on the “Bitcoin” option.
withdraw bitcoin from cash app
  • Tap on the “Enable Bitcoin” option and follow the quick instruction.
withdraw bitcoin from cash app
  • Once verified successfully, tap the “Send Bitcoin” Option.
withdraw bitcoin from cash app
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer. Tap the “Send” option.
withdraw bitcoin from cash app
  • Enter the recipient’s Wallet Address where you want to transfer your Bitcoin.
withdraw bitcoin from cash app
  • Review the details, and then click the “Confirm” option.
withdraw bitcoin from cash app

Important Notification: According to the Cash App’s terms and conditions, users must have at least 0.001 bitcoin for the successful Bitcoin withdrawal. However, the Cash app has set the limit on bitcoin withdrawals. Users cannot withdraw over $2,000 of Bitcoin per day and $5000 in a week.

How do I withdraw Bitcoin Cash App?

If you’ve utilized the Cash App to buy Bitcoins, You’ve probably wondered how you can withdraw these funds. Make sure you have sufficient Bitcoin in the account before making the withdrawal. You can accomplish it by entering your PIN or using a fingerprint ID to verify your identity. After you’ve confirmed your login, you’ll be able to access the Bitcoin tab in the Cash App and turn on blockchain-based transfers. You can then transfer Bitcoins into another wallet.

To transfer bitcoin through the Cash app to your bank account, You can take a picture of a QR code or input the Bitcoin address manually. Before you transfer your Bitcoin, it is essential to review your Bitcoin address to ensure it’s compatible carefully. You may also check and copy your address or give it to someone else. You need to input your Cash App PIN to cash out your bitcoins. It will verify the transaction. If you cannot confirm your bitcoin address, then Cash App won’t allow you to withdraw your bitcoins.  

How long does it take to withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App?

You must confirm your account to take out your bitcoin through Cash App. To verify your account, you must enter the required personal details. You’ll need to present the information if you don’t have a picture ID. After you’ve confirmed your accounts, visit the bitcoin tab and allow transactions using blockchain. Once you’ve completed that, you can withdraw your bitcoin through the Cash App. This process can last as long as 24 hours.

To withdraw Bitcoin from the Cash App, first, you must enable withdrawal settings and validate your identity. After that, you’ll need to fill in your bitcoin address and the amount you’d like to withdraw. You’ll have to provide additional personal information to activate the bitcoin withdrawal options if you’re a first-time user. You may also choose different speeds for withdrawals. For instance, choose Standard Speed if you need a speedy bitcoin withdrawal. If you want to make Rush as well as Priority cash withdrawals, you have to be able to provide at least 0.00005 bitcoins to be eligible for the speed of transaction.

How do I Convert Bitcoin to Cash on Cash App?

You’ll require bitcoin verification to utilize the Cash App to convert Bitcoin to cash. To confirm this, you will need to provide particulars about yourself, like your photo ID and the amount you would like to exchange. Once verified, you can transfer and receive Bitcoin via compatible wallets, including bitcoin. You can also take out your bitcoin via Cash App. If you don’t have a wallet compatible with Cash App, it is necessary to get one.

The first step is to join Coinbase. It is recommended to link your Coinbase account to the Cash App. Once you’ve done this, you must fill in the bitcoin address. Once you have confirmed the transaction, click the OK button. Now, you can transfer your bitcoins via the Cash App to any other wallet. You can use either paper wallets or hardware wallets to transfer Bitcoins. If you have concerns, you can Contact Cash App’s support.

You can utilize the Cash App to convert your Bitcoin to cash; however, note that this isn’t 100% secure. Although it’s safer than cash back options in various wallets, you could risk getting your phone hacked. Furthermore, you have to connect your bank account to the Cash App for the ability to access the application. Even if you have linked your bank account to Cash App, you’re still at risk of account security. It’s best to choose an application that lets you connect the bank account you have to make sure you are protected.

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We have mentioned the specific steps to withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App in this blog with its fees and limitations. Simultaneously we have also discussed how to enable Bitcoin withdrawal and transfer BTC to any other Crypto wallet. We hope this informative post shall surely help the users. For more information or further help, feel free to contact us.


withdraw bitcoin from cash app

How much is the Bitcoin withdrawal fee on Cash App?

The Cash App charges 1.75% of the selected amount of Bitcoin as a Bitcoin withdrawal fee.

Can a user send Bitcoin from Cash App to Binance?

Sure, Cash App users can conveniently transfer Bitcoin from Cash App to Binance or any other Crypto Wallet. 

What is Bitcoin withdrawal verification on Cash App?

The users need to verify their identity to enable Bitcoin withdrawal settings on the Cash app. 

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