buy bitcoin with a credit card on cash app

Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card On Cash App?

How to buy Bitcoin with a credit card on Cash App? Find out more about whether you can invest in this most popular cryptocurrency by using a credit card on Cash App.

If you’re planning to invest in a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, You may have probably asked yourself the question. Can you buy Bitcoin using a credit card on Cash App?

You can indeed buy Bitcoin by using credit cards on Cash App, provided that particular credit card is linked to your Cash App account. But, the process isn’t as straightforward.

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency first introduced at the beginning of 2009, is a digital currency that does not have any central bank or government. Bitcoin has gone from an obscure payment method to a popular investment option in the past few months.

Due to its growing popularity and the promise of huge gains, investors who might not have a large budget are also searching for ways to gain access. For many, using credit cards to buy Bitcoin could be an intelligent method to acquire the cryptocurrency and utilize the future profits to pay off debt and charges. 

However, can you buy bitcoin with a credit card on Cash App? If yes, then what are the risks involved?

Please keep reading to learn more about the process and dangers associated with purchasing bitcoin with a credit card.

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Can I buy Bitcoin with a credit card on Cash App? 

buy bitcoin with a credit card on cash app

Yes, it’s possible to buy Bitcoin with a credit card on Cash App-but it does come with fees. Usually, the ability to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card depends on Crypto Exchanges and the Credit card issuer.

American Express prohibits explicitly purchasing cryptocurrency with its card; however, it presently permits cryptocurrency. As the Cash App allows you to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, you need to link your credit card to your Cash App account.

Do you think it’s beneficial to buy Bitcoin with a credit card?

Utilizing a credit card to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies isn’t advisable. Dr. Hans Boateng, the founder of the Investing Tutor says, “I prefer individuals to purchase bitcoin with cash.” Using credit cards to purchase Bitcoin will be a highly speculation-based and costly proposition, with drawbacks that outweigh the advantages.

Furthermore, Bitcoin purchases are usually evaluated differently from regular purchases by credit card issuing companies. In several cases, buying cryptocurrency is considered risky behavior, and the credit card issuer may block the card or have the credit limit decreased to the lowest.

How do you Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card on Cash App?

buy bitcoin with a credit card on cash app

You can use a credit card to purchase Bitcoin through the Cash App, but you need to ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange of your choice supports the payment of credit cards and accepts transactions from credit card issuers.

Cash App is compatible with some credit card types:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

You can view the complete list of unsupported and supported cards on the official Cash App webpage.

Typically, the tale is that when you connect the Cash App credit card with your Cash App account, you can make most purchases of goods and services. 

However, it is not that all Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Credit Card Companies will let you purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Many crypto exchanges like Coinbase don’t accept payments made with credit cards for cryptocurrency transactions.Coinmama, a less well-established exchange, only accepts two of the four Cash App-supported credit cards (Visa or Mastercard).

Hence, you must check if your chosen Crypto Exchanges allow you to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card. If yes, make sure that it accepts payments from your credit card issuer viz Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc.

Sometimes, your credit card issuer may not allow you to buy Bitcoin using your card. Hence, you’ll have to check whether you’re allowed to do so to avoid getting penalized.

What are the drawbacks of buying Bitcoin with a credit card?

buy bitcoin with a credit card on cash app

Here are the main disadvantages of buying bitcoin with a credit card:

Broker fees

While cryptocurrency exchanges make their money through transactional fees, credit card users may be subject to higher charges. Broker fees could apply if you decide to buy bitcoin using your credit card.

Credit card fees

Credit cards typically treat cryptocurrency purchases like cash advances. The APR could range from 25% to 27% depending on which card you have and would start accruing immediately.

This fee is in addition to the payment for the cash advance. Sometimes it may be $10 or 3 percent of the cash advance.

Foreign transaction fees

A Foreign Transaction Fee May Be Added To Your Credit Card If The Exchange Is Not Located In The US. This Fee Can Range From 1 To 3 Percent Per Purchase.

Credit utilization ratio increases

Many factors contribute to your credit score. The credit utilization ratio is one of them, accounting for 30% of the credit score. Your credit score may be affected if you purchase Bitcoin, and it will use your available credit and lower your credit score. Your credit utilization remains the same regardless of the Bitcoin price drop.

Other considerations 

The risk of purchasing Bitcoin using a credit card is not just about the fees, and Bitcoin’s reputation for volatility is also a concern. Understanding that Bitcoin is a new technology with high levels of speculation is the most significant risk.

Bitcoin’s price swings can be pretty significant over time, making it difficult to use a credit card for crypto purchases. It may also cause the buyer to go “underwater” if the amount they pay in credit card debt is higher than the asset’s value. 

How do you buy Bitcoin using Cash App Balance?

buy bitcoin with a credit card on cash app

There are other ways also to buy Bitcoin with Cash App. You can buy Bitcoin using your Cash App balance instead, and it is simple, and you can do it without hassle using the wallet balance. Follow the below steps.

  • Launch Cash App and log in to your account.
  • Tap the Bitcoin tab on the home screen.
  • Click on “Buy BTC”
  • You can choose from preset amounts or tap “Select an Amount” to enter an exact figure as per your need
  • Finally, Enter the pin and click “Confirm.”

A short video presentation on How to buy Bitcoin on Cash App

Cash App Automatic Investing Feature

buy bitcoin with a credit card on cash app

Let’s suppose you are looking to invest in Bitcoin without dealing with decision-making and psychological aspects. Cash App’s Auto Invest feature can automate Bitcoin purchases.

Cash App allows you to set a purchase price for Bitcoin purchases. Cash App will then automatically handle the rest. Follow these instructions to use this feature:

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Tap the Bitcoin tab on the home screen.
  3. Tap on the “Buy” button
  4. Scroll down to “Standard one-time order” using the drop-down menu
  5. You can set your purchase frequency (daily/weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) and click “Done.”
  6. Enter a minimum amount or choose the amount that you want to auto-invest.
  7. Tap “Next”
  8. Tap “Confirm”

Additionally, you have the option to cancel this feature at any moment.

Restrictions on Cash App Bitcoin Purchases

buy bitcoin with a credit card on cash app

Before you can purchase Bitcoin using Cash App, there are specific requirements. These are the criteria that you will need to meet:

  • 18 and Older: To purchase Bitcoin using Cash App, you must be at least 18
  • US Resident: Only US citizens who live in the US can use the app within the US borders to purchase Bitcoin via the service.
  • Individual and not Entity: The purchase of Bitcoin on Cash app is restricted to individuals. Corporate transactions are prohibited.

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To summarize, We have discussed “how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card on Cash App” in this article.

Although it is possible to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card on Cash App, it is not the best financial decision due to the risks and fees. If you make a significant purchase, these fees can reduce your gains and affect your credit score.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Bitcoin on Cash App using your Cash App wallet balance.

For any other further queries or clarification, you can contact us 24/7. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card On Cash App 10

Can you use a credit card to buy bitcoin on Cash App?

Indeed, You can use a credit card to buy Bitcoin on Cash App; however, you have to ensure that your choice of cryptocurrency exchange allows credit cards and supports payments from credit card issuers. 

Does the Cash App charge a fee to buy Bitcoin through it?

The Cash app will charge a fee for Bitcoin purchases. Before you complete the transaction, it will present you the Cash App fee to felicitate the purchase.

The company charges both a service fee as well as an additional fee. This additional fee is calculated using the price volatility for Bitcoin on US-based cryptocurrency exchanges.

Is buying Bitcoin with a credit card a cash advance?

Indeed, yes but only for certain credit cards. Major card issuers ban cryptocurrency purchases. Many card issuers that allow you to purchase crypto with your card will consider it a cash advance. You’ll be charged a cash advance fee, usually 3% to 5% of your transaction.  

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